Terms of Service for Shipping Outside of Japan

Website Operator

This website is operated by Toraya Confectionery Co. Ltd.(“Toraya”).

Users of this Website

Any person purchasing our products for his/her personal use

Scope of Application of these Terms of Service for Shipping Outside of Japan

These terms of service apply whenever a user uses our service for shipping outside of Japan. Users must comply with these terms of service when using such service.

Management of User IDs and Passwords

Users must strictly manage their IDs, passwords, etc. associated with this website, and must not transfer or lend them to a third party or otherwise improperly handle them.

Users must assume liability for any damage arising from their negligent use of this website, or the inadequate management or third-party use of their IDs, passwords, etc., and Toraya will not assume any liability whatsoever for such damage.

Amendment of these Terms of Service without Notification

These terms of service may, as necessary, be amended without advance notice. Please check the latest version of these terms of service on this website.

Prohibited Actions

  1. Toraya prohibits users from committing any of the acts listed below:

    1. Any act that causes or is likely to cause damage to Toraya or a third party;
    2. Any act that infringes or is likely to infringe the property, reputation, privacy, etc. of Toraya or a third party;
    3. Any act that is against or is likely to be against the public order and morals;
    4. Any act of making false statements or filings, such as registering another person’s email address;
    5. Any act of using or distributing computer viruses or other malicious programs;
    6. Any act of unilaterally sending unsolicited e-mails, e-mail newsletters, etc.;
    7. Any act that violates or is likely to violate laws and regulations;
    8. Fraudulent use of credit cards;
    9. Any act that infringes or is likely to infringe a copyright, trademark right or other right of Toraya;
    10. Any other act that Toraya deems to be inappropriate.
  2. Users hereby agree that, in the event of a breach of the above, Toraya will be entitled to claim damages from the relevant users.


Our products that can be shipped outside of Japan are limited to certain products such as “yokan.” For details, please check the relevant page of each product.
(Some of the countries and areas accepting Express Mail Service (“EMS”) may have restrictions on the products that can be sent via EMS. Please be advised that we cannot ship restricted products to the applicable countries or areas.)

Shipping of Products

  1. Our products can only be shipped by EMS.
    We cannot undertake any shipping other than by EMS covered by loss and damage insurance.

    Shipping charges are determined based on factors such as the total weight after packing, the receiving area and special additional charges. Please confirm the shipping charges that will be displayed when placing the order.
    * For general information of amount, please refer to the shipping charge table of Japan Post Co., Ltd.

    [EMS (Express Mail Service) Shipping Charge Table]

  2. Ordered products will be shipped after Toraya has confirmed the completion of payment therefor.

  3. In principle, ordered products will be shipped approximately five (5) days after the completion of the relevant order; however, please be advised that the above time may vary depending on the circumstances. In addition, depending on the season, it may take additional days for ordered products to be shipped. Delivery dates cannot be designated.

    For an approximate estimate of the number of days from shipping to delivery of ordered products, please click the below link:

  4. The delivery of ordered products may be delayed and take longer than ordinarily expected due to a natural disaster, war, incident, accident, etc., or depending on the status of customs inspection, etc.

  5. For the delivery status of ordered products, please inquire with the EMS provider directly.
    (A tracking number will be provided upon shipment.)
    Express Mail Service (EMS)

  6. Please be advised in advance that Japan Post Co., Ltd. (Express Mail Service provider) may contact the user to confirm the relevant matters.

  7. Even if an ordered product fails to reach its destination, Toraya will assume no liability whatsoever as long as it has completed reasonably necessary shipping procedures.


  1. The amount payable for the purchase of a product is the total of the price of such product and the shipping charges therefor. Consumption tax is exempted.

  2. Depending on the country or area to which the ordered product is shipped, customs duties, etc. (import tax, value-added tax, customs fees, etc.) may need to be paid separately. In such case, the receiver or the user must bear such customs duties, etc.

  3. Payment can be made with a credit card (VISA, MASTER or AMEX) only, and the user’s credit card will be charged upon completion of the order. The due date of credit card payment is as per determined by the applicable credit card company.

    Please note that after payment has been made, we cannot accept any refund based on the convenience of users.

  4. If a dispute arises between a user and the user’s credit card company or clearing agency, such dispute will be resolved between the relevant parties, and Toraya will not assume any liability therefor.

Countries and Areas to Which Products Can Be Shipped

Our products can be shipped to only those countries and areas that can be selected from among the pull-down list. (Some of the countries and areas accepting EMS may have restrictions on the products that can be sent via EMS. Please be advised that we cannot ship restricted products to the applicable countries or areas.)
Restrictions on the products to be sent via EMS: Please refer to the prohibited products by clicking the applicable country in the country list.

Cancellation, Return, Exchange and Refund

  1. A product order cannot be cancelled or changed after forty-eight (48) hours from the completion of such order.

  2. Since Toraya’s products are food items, we cannot accept returns, exchanges or refunds based on the convenience of users.

  3. We cannot accept any return, exchange or refund of a product that has been damaged as a result of unpacking and inspection by the customs.

  4. In the event that the delivered product is different from the ordered product or has been soiled or damaged, please contact and inform us of the details of the condition, etc. within eight (8) days from the arrival of such product. If we are not contacted within eight (8) days, we will not assume any responsibility for the foregoing.

Personal Information Protection Policy

Toraya promises to handle the personal information of users properly in accordance with our personal information protection policy. For details, please refer to “Personal Information Protection Policy.”

Copyrights, Trademarks, Patents and Other Intellectual Property Rights

The copyrights, registered trademarks and other rights concerning the information contained on this website belong to Toraya, and, unless authorized by Toraya, such rights cannot be used beyond the extent permitted by law. For details, please refer to “Copyright.”


  1. Toraya may, without advance notice, suspend or terminate the operation of this website, change the contents of this website, or revise all or part of the information contained on this website.

  2. Toraya does not assume any liability whatsoever for any damage arising as a result of a user’s use of this website or a user’s inability to use this website for any reason, except for damage caused by our failure to perform our obligations or our unlawful acts committed while performing such obligations.

  3. Although there is a possibility that packaging, etc. containing our products will be damaged to some extent during the course of shipping, Toraya assumes no liability for such damage.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These terms of service are governed by the laws of Japan. Any disputes arising in relation to these terms of service will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court.

Dates of Establishment and Revision of these Terms of Service

Established on October 1, 2017
Revised on November 1, 2021