Ogura Jiruko: Whole azuki bean soup (Summer Varieties)

Ogura Jiruko: Whole azuki bean soup (Summer Varieties)

Oshiruko is a sweet soup made by simmering azuki beans with sugar. At Toraya, we make it with the finest quality azuki beans and wasambon sugar, resulting in a silky-smooth texture and mellow flavor. It can be enjoyed either heated or chilled.

Ogura Jiruko: Azuki bean soup containing tender, flavorful whole azuki beans.

Place the deliciously crispy rice wafers with their distinctive toasted aroma on the surface of the oshiruko just before serving.

  • Size:

    19.0 x 11.0 x 2.0cm

  • Net Weight:

    151 g (Includes 1g of crispy rice wafers.)

  • Best Consumed:

    within 180 days of production

  • Allergens:


  • Ingredients:

    oshiruko=sugar, azuki beans, wasambon sugar
    crispy rice wafers=glutinous rice (produced in Japan), starch