Mizu Yokan Matcha (Powdered green tea)

Mizu Yokan Matcha (Powdered green tea)

Mizu yokan literally means water yokan, and as its name indicates, it is softer and moister than regular yokan, making it suitable for the hot months.
Only available in spring and summer.

Matcha: Mizu yokan made from white azuki bean paste flavored with highly aromatic matcha green tea. 

Please chill the product before eating.

  • Size:

    6.5 x 6.5 x 2.4cm

  • Net Weight:

    55 g

  • Best Consumed:

    within 120 days of production

  • Allergens:


  • Ingredients:

    sugar, beans (white kidney beans,white azuki beans), agar-agar, matcha/color additive(gardenia)