Mizu Yokan Matcha (Powdered green tea)

Mizu Yokan Matcha (Powdered green tea)

Mizu yokan literally means water-yokan, and as its name indicates, it is softer and moister than regular yokan, making it suitable for the hot months.
Only available in spring and summer.

Matcha: Mizu yokan made from white azuki bean paste flavored with highly aromatic matcha green tea. 

Please chill the product before eating.

  • Size:

    6.5 x 6.5 x 2.4cm

  • Net Weight:

    55 g

  • Best Consumed:

    within 120 days of production

  • Allergens:


  • Ingredients:

    sugar, beans (white kidney beans,white azuki beans), agar-agar, matcha