Gift Box of 7 petite yokan
Gift Box of 7 petite yokan

Gift Box of 7 petite yokan

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2 Petite Yoru no Ume(Whole azuki bean)
2 Petite Omokage(Dark brown sugar)
1 Petite Shimmidori(Matcha)
1 Petite Hachimitsu(Honey)
1 Petite Wakocha(Japanese Black Tea)

The box will be neatly wrapped in wrapping paper and delivered with a separate paper carrier bag for each box purchased.

The packaging shown on the screen are representations and may differ from the actual items.

  • Size:

    20.8 x 8.6 x 2.3cm

  • Weight:

    428 g

  • Best Consumed:

    within 1 year of production

  • Allergens:


  • Ingredients:

    * For details on ingredients, please see the pages for each product.

  • * We accept orders with a maximum weight of 4.0 kg and a total product price not exceeding 15,000 yen.