Ginza Store

The shop faces Ginza Chuo Dori, the main shopping street of Ginza, with a confection shop on the first floor and Toraya Karyo (tea room) on the second floor. Prior to operating in the present form, this place used to be a tea room named “Akane” which opened in 1946 soon after the end of WWII. Since it was difficult to continue manufacturing wagashi due to shortage of ingredients, Akane served Western style items like coffee and ice cream alongside shiruko (sweet azuki bean soup) and zouni (rice cake soup). The next year, when it became possible to start manufacturing authentic wagashi again, the site was renewed as Toraya Ginza Shop. The first Toraya Karyo was opened here in Ginza in 1973.

Five minute walk from Exit A2 of Ginza Station, Tokyo Metro Ginza, Hibiya and Marunouchi Lines.




Shop details
  • Ginza Store

    Address: 7-8-6 Ginza, Chuo-ku, TOKYO

    Phone: +81-3-3571-3679 *Only in Japanese

    Open hours:
    10:00-20:00 (Weekdays and Saturdays)
    10:00-19:00 (Sundays and national holidays)

    Tea Room
    11:30-19:30 (Weekdays and Saturdays) Last order: 19:00
    11:30-19:00 (Sundays and national holidays) Last order: 18:30

    Closed on: January 1